Online Interactive Song Critique Webinars

Limited to (7) attendees.  

If you’d like to be notified of future dates, please email Neil at

Each participant will receive an in-depth, detailed critique by Jason Blume -- including melody, lyric, and commercial potential. You can ask questions and make comments about your critique. All attendees will have an opportunity to share comments and suggestions about every song, so you will receive a full critique by Jason, as well as feedback by your peers. 

This is not only a song critique; as issues come up, Jason will share lessons, tools, and techniques that will benefit all attendees. 

Cost: $75 (per song; one song per person) 

Jason will discuss what publishers and recording artists are looking for, and the melodic and lyric qualities that he will be steering you toward. He will also address how to best benefit from a critique—and what not to do. 

Each attendee will receive a copy of every song and lyric being critiqued during the session. Why? Because the webinar sound quality is not terrific and this way everyone will be able to hear your song clearly and follow along with the lyric. 

FYI, you will be able to re-watch the webinar for one month after the online event.







Which song(s) should I play? 

Play the song you want help with. There is no benefit in playing a song you have already released, unless you are willing to revise it. 

Does it have to be a full demo? 

No. Jason urges you to submit rough recordings. Why spend time and money recording something that you might need to change? All he needs to hear is the melody and lyrics. If you don’t have chords, sing it a capella. 

What styles of music will you be dealing with? 

All types of pop, country, rock, and Americana/singer-songwriter songs. At this time, no rap, jazz, Broadway, or instrumentals. 

What if I only have a lyric? 

That’s fine. Jason can critique a lyric. 

Should I have the song copyrighted first? Can someone steal my song? 

Someone can steal your concept and your title anytime you play your song anywhere—or post it online. Titles and concepts are not protected by copyright. However, having a song stolen happens far more rarely than most people think. 

The moment your song is in a “fixed” form (i.e., a rough recording) you own the vast majority of rights to the song. Registering your song with the copyright office confers some additional rights, but most professional songwriters and music publishers do NOT copyright their songs until they are being commercially released. You will have nine witnesses and a recording to prove that you played your song during the webinar. In the extremely unlikely event that there is an infringement case you will be well protected. But ultimately, you have to decide whether you are comfortable with others hearing your work before you have registered it with the copyright office.

Can I sign up just to get my own song critiqued? I don’t want to hear other writers’ songs. 

Yes, but we do not advise it. This is a learning and networking opportunity and there is much that will be gleaned by hearing what works—and what does not work—in other writers’ songs.