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I have been fortunate enough to earn my living as a songwriter for the past 25 years. I spent 12 of those years as a staff-writer on Nashville’s Music Row and amassed more than 50 million album sales with songs on Billboard’s pop, country and R&B charts. My songs have been on Grammy-nominated albums, in Emmy-Award-winning TV shows, and in hit movies. I am more grateful than words can say to have the opportunity to do what I love—and get paid for it. 

I studied successful songs and observed that there were tools and techniques that were consistently being incorporated—regardless of genre. I shared these techniques in three of the best selling books on songwriting. Due to the success of my books I was invited to develop and teach the BMI Songwriters’ Workshops in Nashville, and have taught songwriting workshops and master classes in Ireland, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Canada, Bermuda, the U.K., and throughout the U.S. 

I found that teaching is my passion—and probably my greatest gift. I have watched six of my students have #1 singles, and countless others sign publishing deals and place their songs in films and TV. I can’t guarantee you success; anyone who does is a scammer. But I can guarantee that I can help you develop, shine, and hone the gift you’ve been given, and I can help you learn to write the best songs you are capable of. Best of luck on your songwriting journey!

These classes are now available for replay: 

Intro to Songwriting: Popular Structures and Rhymes ($35) 

Topics will include song structures, rhyme schemes, the lyric and melodic functions of verses, pre-choruses, choruses, and bridges (middle 8s). This lecture will also address the inclusion of “post-choruses” (aka “B” choruses), turnarounds, intros, instrumentals, and more. 

If you are not well “versed” in the topics above sign up for this seminar before taking subsequent classes.   

*       *       * 

5 Steps to Great Lyrics ($75) 

Successful lyrics make listeners FEEL something—and that does not happen by accident. This class will teach you how to take an idea that starts in your heart and express it in a way that can reach millions of listeners. 

You will learn: 

-- the importance of starting with a fresh idea--and how to find one

-- how to evoke emotion and connect with listeners

-- incorporating action, imagery, and details in your verse lyrics

-- tips to help you “show--not tell” -- and why this is crucial in every genre

-- tools to support your title and make it pay off

-- what if I’m only a lyricist?

-- what you must incorporate if your lyrics come first

-- how to make a “good” lyric “GREAT”

-- the “lyric test” 

Handouts will be provided and creative exercises will be prescribed.

Comment after class:

I’ve been attending workshops and classes with Jason for about 8 years now, and last night Jason’s ability to identify and deliver powerful content noticeably exceeded my already high expectations. 

While as a teacher Jason has always been great at showing us his passion for songwriting, last night he was able to connect passion and sincerity on an emotional “feeling” level with participants (at least with me).

What a cool transcendence on Jason’s part; he’s applying his songwriting “show me” mojo to his teaching (whether he is aware of it or not) and it made for a really meaningful learning experience that we “felt”.

*   *   * 

How to Write Melodies Publishers & Labels Want—

and Listeners Can't Forget ($75) 

Master the tools that will burn your melodies into listeners' brains--and separate them from the pack. 

There are reasons why some melodies stick in listeners' brains--and others fail to do so. In this class, Jason will examine some of the most successful songs in various musical styles to identify the tools and techniques that propelled these songs to the top of the charts. 

You will learn: 

-- 4 ways to incorporate melodic & rhythmic repetition

-- how to make your chorus jump out

-- incorporating melodic and rhythmic contrast

-- writing instrumental and vocal melodic hooks

-- incorporating original, fresh melodic intervals

-- concrete tools to rewrite your melodies to make them their best 

Handouts will be provided and creative exercises will be prescribed. 

Note: This is a non-technical lecture. The ability to play an instrument, understand music theory, and/or read music is NOT required to benefit from this class--nor is it required to write awesome melodies! Those who think they are “only” lyricists will be amazed at how much they benefit from this class.

 *   *   * 

The Secrets to Successful Demos ($75) 

Having demos that demonstrate the potential of your song (or you as an artist) is crucial to your success. You will listen to the demos of successful songs and the following topics (and more) will be addressed: 

-- How good does it really have to be?

-- the BEST way to get what you need from a demo service

-- Can you do it at home—and still compete?

-- What are appropriate budgets?

-- Incorporating “signature licks”

-- Recording long distance

-- Should you sing your own demos?

-- great arrangement tips

-- When is it appropriate to present a live recording?

-- Do you have the right to place your demo in TV shows and films?

-- Work for hire/musician waiver agreements

-- What about when contests state that the demo isn’t being judged?

-- What to be sure you get from the studio

*   *   * 

I KNOW I’ve Got a Great Song—Now What? ($75) 

There’s a reason why it’s called the music business. Writing great songs is only one part of the equation. Learning how to get your songs heard--and placed in situations where they generate income and opportunities for you--is critical. There are steps you can—and need—to take. 

Topics will include: 

--the most important function of a music publisher (Hint: it’s NOT what you think)

-- how to get a publisher to hear your songs

-- where does the money come from? (mechanical and performance royalties)

-- understanding the difference between a record label and a music publisher

-- effective self-publishing

-- staff-writing – what it really means

-- how to get a staff-writing deal

-- is it really possible to earn a living writing songs?

-- the truth about hiring independent song pluggers

-- should you join Taxi?

-- co-writing considerations 

*    *    *

$75 per class or $250 for all five classes


This webinar now available at

www.anymeeting.com/JasonBlume under "Past Webinars"

How to Write GREAT Songs—and Earn a Living Doing It

A FREE one-hour lecture. 

There are no “rules” in songwriting, but there are “tools” you need in order to compete in the current market.

Whether you are a songwriter writing for artists other than yourself, or you are a singer (or part of a band) writing for your own project, a song can change your life. But songwriting success is not the result of magic or pure luck. You can learn to master the tools you need—and market your songs. 

In addition to songwriting tips and insight into writing for the current market, I will provide info about subscribing to a series of four (4) online 90-minute lectures and a “Songwriting Basics” webinar. 

I hope I can help you achieve your songwriting goals!

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The following webinars are recorded lectures.

They are no longer interactive.

You must sign up and pay through the pay buttons below. We will email your passwords  and handout downloads as soon as possible (we are in the Central Standard Time Zone - if you sign up at 2 am......please be patient).


What if I sign up—then find I can’t attend? 

If you are unable to attend the live webcast you will be able to access a recording of it later. 

Can I watch it again? 

Yes. Paid attendees will have access to both the class and the recording.

What if I can’t play an instrument? And do I need to know how to read music or understand music theory? 

The ability to play an instrument, understand music theory, and/or read music is NOT required to benefit from these classes--nor is it required to write awesome songs! Those who think they are “only” lyricists will be amazed at how much they benefit from this class. 

Will you provide a list of music publishers? 

No. Legitimate music publishers would never be included on any such list. They find writers through referrals and at events where they screen material. While I have made referrals, that is not a service I promise. My job is to help you write the very best songs you can possibly write. You’d be amazed at how doors can open when you write songs that are not “good”—but are “WOW!” 

Can I send you my songs or the exercises prescribed during class? 

No. I’m genuinely sorry, but I am bombarded with material. It’s impossible for me to listen and respond. That’s why I have an inexpensive song critique service. Info is available on my website and the feedback I get is fantastic. I will soon be teaching online master classes with limited-enrollment and hands-on input. Stay tuned …

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