Following is a list of demo studios that I, and many of our students, use and recommend. We have no other connection to these studios and recommend them strictly because they do exellent work at reasonable prices. Any business dealings are strictly between you and that studio. They will be glad to talk to you and send you examples of their product

Jason Garner Productions 615-243-7795 ; pop, pop/R&B/pop/rock, country -

Beaird Music Group 615-279-8030 ; 800-229-3308 ; country -

Rick Chudacoff 615-791-1551 ; all styles -

Bryan Cumming's Studio 23 - 615-356-7916; country & jazz -

Chris Sernel (Chicago) pop/rock, rock, electro pop, dance -

Kevin Savigar (Los Angeles) pop;

Denny Martin 615-361-6073 ; country -

Paul Scott/ demoRx 615-713-0336 ; country -;

Spring Hill Studio Productions, Neil Ebanks 954-558-3511; hip hop/pop  /demos, current samples

Kim Copeland Productions, and 6152939545

County Q 615-298-1459; country -

Direct Image 615-321-8532 ; country

Sal Salvador,, 817-523-1353, modern pop, urban, rock, & EDM

Russ Ragsdale 615-294-5182

Kittygroove Studios, Sydney, AU,;

Remember that demo studios and musicians are not able to read your mind. The best way to get your demo to sound the way you envision it is to let them know exactly what you want. It can be helpful to play examples of songs that are similar to what you hope your demo will sound like.

Don't say, "I want it to be female country." Does that mean the contemporary sound of Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, or Lady Antebellum -- or are you looking for the traditional sound of artists like Alison Kraus, Lee Ann Womack, or Dolly Parton? Likewise, if you ask for "Female R&B," that could range from the old school sounds of Aretha Franklin to the current sounds of Beyonce or Mary J. Blige.

The more information you provide, the better your chances of getting what you want.